Kristina and I are remodeling our backyard in preparation for our wedding together. There will be a wooden and alumawood patio structure, sitting on pilasters on the west side of the large concrete patio, the large open center area will have a 4 foot diameter fire pit centered on the double sliding glass doors. On the east side of the backyard, sprinklers were moved to water the new fruit trees Kristina just purchased. Power conduits were ran under the concrete to power the round hot tub Kristina wants, the patio cover lighting, and the small playhouse next to the patio cover and avocado trees. A communication conduit was run underneath the concrete for me to get phone and network to and from the house and garage. A network controlled relay card will be installed in the garage to allow us to turn on or off any of the garage lighting, locally or from any computer. The fiberglass greenhouse has a small sidewalk added to it, and a mow curb was added to the west side of the front yard grass area.

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