After six years of you in my life, I can't imagine a day without you. You never tell me what to do, where to do, or how to do it. You have always been here with me, helping me achieve my goals. You are my own personal MacGyver. I can't believe you fixed my dehydrator with a pencil and my mom's camera with a toothpick in the same five minutes. You fix all my technical issues. I can always depend on you to get my school software, the Cactus Cooler out of your keyboard, and find Black Mirror. You are my hero every time you help me finish the projects I start, clean out my old milk film glued to the cups, and pack extra food in my suitcase. You wake me up with Famous Stars and put me to bed with grilled ham and cheese. I want to you to know that I appreciate all the great happiness you do for me.

We are very different people, but I am glad we are at least pieces of the same puzzle. We can usually compromise on our differences such as, when I am forced to watch Doctor Who and you have to endure Chowder. And if not, you are able to absorb my wrath, forget the words, and continue to love me like you always do. I love you ability to make me feel better. You have the best way to do so, like rubbing my back, holding me close, and listening. I melt right back into your arms. Thank you for never purposely making me feel bad.

You are a very considerate person. So much so, that there are times I have no idea why you make unique requests until someone explains to me that you are doing it for me because I wistfully made a random comment weeks ago and you apply it. You care for me in ways I'll never understand - because you are quiet. You are understanding when I promise I'll clean out the fridge and I wait too long. You are thoughtful when you eat all the pink marshmallows and pink animal cookies for me. You are accepting even after I eat a pickle.

You are a great friend, business partner, and roommate. Despite what I may say, you do know me. I promise to never purposely hurt your feelings. I'll care for your well being. I will love you and I will always keep you close to my heart.