Kristina Esparza & Brian Gall

June 18, 2011       Newlyweds for Days!


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About the bride


My name is Kristina.

              I live in Orange, CA with my love Brian. I work as an entertainment technician. I have been all over the nation lighting up the stage. I am currently working on ElecTRONica and World of Color at Disney's California Adventure. When I'm not dragging 4/0, I like hanging out in the backyard. I love to see all the new plant growth and little critters creeping about. I also like arts and crafting with all the free stuff I've been collecting from ridiculous shenanigans.


About the groom


My name is Brian.

              I am also an entertainment technician, but I dabble in a lot of different fields such as: audio, lighting, and show effects.  My main show, Fantasmic!, keeps me fairly busy throughout the year; but for 4 month I am the Master Electrican for the Haunted Mansion holiday changeover.  Kristina wanted me to inform everyone that I have recently graduated from Macgyver Tactical Training University and that i can fix anything... with 3 random items like a pencil, a gum wrapper, and a chocolate bar.  I also keep the house together, the computers computing, and finish some of Kristina's projects - because she is a good starter, but not a good finisher.


How we met

This is an excerpt from Kristina's journal some time in June summer of 04.

              "While I was working in the tech isle, I met Brian. He was the kind of guy that one's jaw should only open to tell him how handsome he is. I almost told him - to his face; the first time we ever met. I'm glad I didn't because it would have been evident that it was the only thing I was thinking about. Not only was he amazing, but he also had the job that I wanted. I started to ask questions about tech to keep my mind occupied. I didn't realize that all my words were gone and I was just staring. He asked if I had anymore questions. I had millions but my brain had disconnected. He asked me if I would like to talk about them over lunch. This is the moment were it plugged back in and all that terrible stuff parents say about boys smacks you on the back of the head. Embarrassed that I was only 18, I told him so and that it was probably not a good idea. My mouth hurt the whole time I said no until now. I wished so much that I could have said YES. ("…If you're waiting for the right opportunity - that was it".) I was so upset and totally giggly at the same time. …He …was …so …cute - AND THE TECH BLACK WAS ALL THE BETTER. He was my man with sprinkles. Too bad he is 25."

              The next day I was determined to take a chance and ask him out. When we met in the same place the next night, he beat me to the punch. "I know you already said no, but I just thought I should ask again."